Friday, 21 April 2017

Ahoy sailor!

Richard and Emily have done their millennial duties and shunned a life of respected work and loyal service in the futile pursuit of meaning and impact. How na├»ve - but possibly a little exciting? In accordance with said generation's protocol it is required that the events be recorded through an online medium. Hi blogging world.

Expect little cause for award or national acclaim. We'll be jotting our six month journey erratically in scrapbook style - so if you want to experience questionable writing, limited vocabulary and over-instagrammed photos of our little sailing vessel Hodja as she beats her way through the North Eastern Mediterranean - stay tuned.

We meet Hodja for the second time in Corfu on Monday 24th April. From there we will be making things up as we go along(!) Check back for regular updates or send your email address to and we'll let you know when new content is published.

Of course I'm not scared :-/


  1. It's Wednesday, are you alive?

  2. This is mental! I love it haha. Well done to both of you. I will be based in Mykonos for July and August. If you stop there Rich let me know :)
    James Allen